The people behind ZID

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Karolina Spaić

Director and artistic leader

At ZID we don't create standard theatre, but events that you will become a part of, think, dance and live with.

Sebo Bakker

Artistic coordinator, actor/trainer, presenter

As an actor, I have worked on all the performances of ZID. In addition, I work as a trainer and coach and I give workshops in physical theater and empowerment to professionals, young people and children.

Susanne Hazen

Business manager

Susanne is not only committed to the ZID Academy, but is also the support of the ZID team in the field of project coördination and much more.

Michelle Boekhout van Solinge

Marketing / PR

I am doing marketing and promotion for the annual ExploreZ Festival and all other performances and projects of ZID Theater. It is a creative and inspiring workplace, where we work together with people from all kinds of different (cultural) backgrounds, on stage and behind the scenes.

Kasper Stern


Kasper has been working at ZID Theater since 2022 and does the production for ExploreZ Festival and other projects and performances of ZID.


Lot Wuisman

Production assistant

After completing my Master's in Film Studies, I followed my heart towards the performing arts and ended up at ZID. I am interested in everything that changes and moves, in visuality and connection. In addition to production, I like to think along on a creative level and contribute from a cinematic perspective.

Sofía Arangüena

Internationaal coördinator

Cultural manager, project manager, and theatre lover. She met ZID during an Erasmus project in Spain. Since February 2022 collaborates on the international side of ZID, first with the Tone project and now coordinating the #UcomE project. She really believes that culture and especially the performance arts can make a great impact on people life’s; making better, more loving, and more committed humans and citizens.

Valia Tamvaki

International coördinator

During my masters program a teacher recommended ZID to me, while I was talking to her about my ideal organization to work at.I decided to visit and see their work; I was fascinated by the diversity and the aesthetics of the performance. Later on, I joined ZID and ever since I experience the joy of people making art in an inclusive, welcome and creative environment.

Wendela de Vos


Felicity Francis

Webmaster Tone and Fate

As an intern I ended up at ZID Theater in the third year of my Social Work studies. At ZID, I met amazing people, been given the space to explore and push my boundaries and learn skills that I thought would not be covered during the internship. For example, creating websites in Wordpress. I am now working as a webmaster for ZID and I manage the FATE and TONE websites. Who would have thought that!

Artistic Team

Daan Bosch

Theatre maker and teacher

I guide the players, together with the other members of the team. As often as I can I assist Karolina with music, text and play.

Claribel Rodriquez Castillo

Actor, dancer and teacher

I am a theatre maker in heart and soul, all my life. As a small child on the 'stage in the garden', now I am here in the Netherlands as a theatre maker, employed by ZID Theater with my own, independent productions. For me, theatre is a means to help people communicate and to get into their own power. Theatre challenges me to show the best of me.


Joske Daamen

Actor, dancer and teacher

From my discipline of dance I work at ZID theater on movement, a universal language. It ensures a special exchange and meeting of the group and adds an extra dimension to the performances.


Ista Bagus Putranto

Actor and puppeteer

In Indonesia I have done many neighborhood theater and community theater projects. The nice thing about ZID is the composition of the group, with so many nationalities. You don't have that in Indonesia.

Lara Bakker

Singer/songwriter, actress

I enjoy performing, singing and dancing.

Naima Baraca

Actor and teacher

ZID Theater is a creative addition for me as a performer/actor. Inspired and nice to be part of a group of people who always look for wonder and connect through theatre.

Issam Zemmouri

Dancer, performer

I am a contemporary dancer and work with physical theatre. I participate with ZID Theater because I am interested in experiencing new physical theatrical encounters and I love everything new in movement and physical poetry. ZID stimulates my artistic dreams, which gives me a lot of creativity and inspiration in my work as a dancer.

Osni Seye

Dancer, performer

ZID Theater is a very hospitable organization. In her events there is always diversity of age and culture. I feel involved and respected and I can develop my artistic skills at ZID. That's why I like working at ZID.

Ortwin Tjon Sjoe Sjoe


At ZID Theater I discovered my acting talents. My life became so much richer. Thank you ZID!

Connected creators

Vivian Deekman


For me, ZID means involvement with the city and the neighborhoods and sharing the same passion for theatre and recitation.

Ivana Nikolic

Dancer, artist

Tomas Leijen



Andrada Simo - chairman

Willem van der Craats - cashier

Mellouki Brieuc-Cadat - secretary

Site & design

 Hans Kapteyn - webmaster

Rodolfo Vejar - videomaker

Maria Esther Morales Alonso - designer