ZID is not only active in the Netherlands but also abroad. We offer a range of projects suitable for international tours and guest performances. Since ZID was established we have operated and performed abroad in Europe, North- and South America, Africa and the Middle East.

The intercultural style of performing, universal themes and varied range of activities besides theatre (such as workshops, lectures and cultural exchanges) make it possible to reach a broad audience.

Theatre in Palm - Creative Europe

Theatre in Palm project is a first ever Creative Europe platform project for theatre art. It brings together 12 partner organizations from all over Europe to collaborate and co-create. In addition to helping individual emerging theatre artists, the project aims to help the European theatre scene to recover from the pandemic by creating a new European theatre platform.


GREEN E.Th.I.Cs is a new European project with the goal to create climate change awareness and foster citizens’ critical thinking and proactivity through performing arts. The project is developed by 18 partners in 12 countries and the duration is 4 years.

Remix Comix

Remix Comix is a project supported by the European Commission through the Creative Europe programme and is realised in collaboration with six organisations from 4 countries. The entire project will take 2 years (July 2022 – July 2024).


Within the 'Our Stage' project, the ZID Theater will collaborate with six European partners, offering a stage to Roma, Sinti and other traveling communities. With this project, the structural discrimination and demonization of this group will be exposed and a different picture of these communities will be presented!

C.E.M.: Creative European Methodology

Creative European Methodology (C.E.M.) is an Erasmus + project that aims to develop a methodology that reinforces creativity and promotes quality and innovation in isolated contexts. . After the rapid changes that COVID-19 brought into our lives, «online» alternatives are replacing face to face events.

Art & Society for the New Generations

Caravan Next Conference Morocco organized by ZID Theater Nov. 30 en Dec. 1 2018

FATE 2020 - 2022

Future Academy on Tour in Europe, received European subsidy from Creative Europe and starts in september 2020

TONE 2020-2022 – Granted by Erasmus+

ZID Theater is very pleased that TONE, a new international project is approved and will be funded by Erasmus+.