International theatre projects – history

Below you will find a selection of the foreign tours by ZID from the past 15 years.

  • Morocco 2012 -2015; collaboration with Cultural Centre Dár Amsterdam in Larache. ZID did three tours in Morocco, workshops and theatre tours
  • Serbia, 2014; Belgrade International Theatre Festival – BITEF
  • United States 2010; International Conference: The Healing Power of Theatre, New York
  • Denmark 2009; International Festival Tranist 6, Holstebro
  • United States 2008; Woman Theatre Festival, Los Angeles
  • Germany 2007; International Theater Festival 360, Bielefeld
  • United States 2006; Theatre 7 Stages, Atlanta
  • United States 2005; Magdalena, Providence (RI)
  • Greece 2004; Small Olympics Theatre Festival, Heraklion, Crete
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 2002; International Conference ‘The Healing Power of Theatre’, Mostar)
  • Russia 2003; International Rainbow Festival – 300 years St. Petersburg – an ‘Alternative Theatre School’, in collaboration with The State Petersburg Bryantsev Theatre for Young Audience (TJUZ). Award for the most innovative production.
  • Serbia and Montenegro 2002; SKC, Cedeum, Belgrade
  • Colombia 2001; III Festival Internacional de Teatro de Callejero, Bogotá, XII Festival International del Caribe, Santa Marta, XXIII Festival Latinoamericano de Teatro, Manizales
  • Yugoslavia 2000; BITEF International Theatre Festival, Belgrade