The International ExploreZ Festival 2020

The 5th edition of the international ExploreZ festival will take place in October 2020. So far, ZID has organised editions in Amsterdam, The Hague and Belgrade (Serbia).Various international projects are scheduled such as Make your Own Choices / Make your Own Future with Studio 7 from Germany, Invisible Cities with Potlach Theater from Italy and an exchange with Bawa Iwayan from Bali, Indonesia.
At the moment we cannot say with certainty which projects will be carried out and in what form. We are investigating the possibilities within the Corona guidelines.
Because of all this, the festival will last a little longer, namely from 9 to 24 October.
One thing is certain. We will organise the festival including wonderful projects that we are preparing at the moment. Keep an eye on our website, because we are going to provide a stage for solos, workshops, film screenings and performances. See the website of ExploreZ.

Relive ExploreZ Festival 2020

A festival in times of corona, ExploreZ took place from 5 to 25 October 2020. A blog, an aftermovie and photos.

Best of Explorez and our Odyssee


A vibrant programme with short performances and the full show Our Odyssey by ZID Theater. 16 oktobre, 20.00 uur, Podium Mozaïek.

Interview ExploreZ

Karolina Spaic, director and artistic leader of ZID Theater and curator of the ExploreZ Festival tells about the  background of ExploreZ 2018 that starts the 22th of september.