#UComE Erasmus+

Zid is very please to announce the a new international project where they are involved.

#UComE – “A systematized and digitized approach for the reconstitution of community engagement in youth-orientated activities” is a fresh new Erasmus+ KA2 project which hoisted a sail at the end of February.

The project aims to activate civic and political participation of youth after COVID19. During this time young people have been particularly vulnerable, neutered from all contact at a moment where they needed it most: during their personal and social development.

Through digital tools, creativity and new methods of positive community engagement, we will make youth gain a sense of competence, self-worth and community belonging again.

The main outcomes of the project would be the next:

  1. A Guidebook “Contemporary methodologies and tools for community engagement” with both theoretical and practical parts to assist youth organisations and youth workers in this task.
  2. The #Ucome toolkit in community engagement for youth participations and youth workers which will help our target group to carry out creative and meaningful workshops and training.
  3. The #Ucome online platform, an IT- based tool which will help and guide users to analyse, plan and manage their community engagement activity
  4. Public awareness campaigns: 8 organisations (two per country) will assist us in our transnational pilot sesion where all this outcome will be tested. A 6 months community engagement action plan using the tools learned at the pilot session will be expected by each organisation. Video material of the process and the interventions will be recorded and used as awareness raising campaigns.

The #UComE consortium is composed of 2 NGOS with a social scope: Citizens in Power (CIP) from Cyprus and IASIS from Greece; a cultural and artistic organization – ZID theater from Amsterdam and an SME with a focus on inclusive and innovative education – LogoPsyCom from Belgium. Strong and committed partners will give their best to achieve this ambitious goal in order to make a stronger, better and a more cohesive Europe, with their young citizens at the centre of it

Website of the project: https://ucomeproject.eu/

Project number: 2021-1-NL02-KA220-YOU-000028784

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