A location performance for all senses.

This location performance is suitable for indoor and outdoor locations. We take the visitors through a dreamscape of installations, unexpected performances, soundscapes and videos. As a result, we question the relationship between dream and reality.

NO FEAR performance in the making !

After a year filled with training, the participants of the FATE-project by ZID Theater, are now rehearsing the theater production ‘NO FEAR’ Premiere: May 11 at Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam.

The Alphabet of Uncertain Times

Read more about our latest show, which can be played both indoors and outdoors at venues, and see the beautiful trailer here.

Historia – Issam Zemmouri

In his solo, choreographer and dancer Issam Zemmouri combines contemporary dance, physical expression and visual poetry. HISTORIA is a journey that stretches across the Mediterranean Sea.

Rebel - Naïma Baraka

Rebel is a solo performance by Naïma Baraka about a woman who shows several sides of herself. Is she a fighter, a diva or a dreamer? Or is she all in one?

Our Odyssee

A physical, raw and emotional theater performance around the theme of migration.