About us

ZID Theater – City Arts & Performance Centre
connects art, culture and society.

ZID Theater is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in a wonderful multifunctional venue where many activities take place. It is a cultural organisation that produces performances and festivals and realises projects together with art professionals and local residents. The organisation was founded and is led by theatre makers Karolina Spaic and Sebo Bakker. Since 2015, theatre maker Daan Bosch has joined the artistic core team. For ZID, an inclusive approach is the drive to connect art and social issues. This is the framework in which ZID, besides creating performances, produces projects with various target groups in which a particular social theme is addressed. ZID has its own working method that transforms current social issues into artistic processes with a broad group of participants from different target groups, which, in a joint process with the artists, leads to successful results and beautiful productions. Through the multidisciplinary performances and projects ZID brings the world around us on the stage and lets the performers of various cultural backgrounds and ages shine. Besides in Amsterdam, the organisation operates on a national and international level.
ZID attaches great importance to working and exchanging experiences internationally and has toured in various European countries, South America, the United States and Morocco. ZID has received several awards including, in 2012, the ‘Appeltje van Oranje’ Award, an annual award of the Royal Dutch Foundation and the Golden Caleidoscope (Province of Utrecht) from the Cultural Participation Fund (2018). Especially for the Caravan Next project ZID created and organized the ExploreZ festival four times.

Here you can read a book about ZID.


ZID Theater

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